All PowerAttack load movers are made in Germany and trusted by international giants

PowerAttack load movers allow you to move heavy equipment of up to 30 tons at just 70kg of body weight — even in the most narrow areas. PowerAttack unfolds its full potential wherever conventional forklifts can't operate. Thanks to long lasting checks in which we tested our models under the most harsh and demanding conditions, PowerAttack is currently being used in 48 countries. International giants such as Siemens, Bombardier, Trumpf and Al Faris trust PowerAttack to efficiently move heavy loads in a short amount of time.

Applied mechanics.

Compatible with all skates.

Thanks to its lever arm and traction, PowerAttack is able to move heavy loads on skates with ease. Connect the adapter to the steering trolley, fold the landing gear where a magnet keeps it in place and start using PowerAttack right away! Perfect for heavy loads that need to be moved in narrow and confined spaces. If supplying electricity is an issue, take a look at our cordless, battery operated model.


MTC 25 Compact

The PowerAttack MTC 25 Compact can move at 0-5m/min or 0-20m/min both forward and backward. Both speeds are electronically controlled and allow you to move heavy loads up to 30 tons with nothing more than your own body weight.

The MTC 25 C comes with a 230V or 110V power cable. The length of the telescope lever arm is adjustable and ranges from 1650mm to 2150mm in length. With a gauge of only 380mm and weighing just 55kg the MTC 25 C is perfect for narrow and confined spaces.


MTC 30 CC Cordless

Both PowerAttack models share the same length and gauge. At 70kg, the MTC 30 CC Cordless is just slightly heavier. The model comes with a 24V asynchronous motor generating 800Nm of torque. This powerful motor, combined with integrated brakes and a long-lasting battery, ensures that you can work in even the most challenging surroundings.

Every MTC 30 CC will be delivered to you with a battery charger and two 21Ah battery packs featuring the latest Lithium-Polymer technology — allowing for charging without any memory effect. The standard operating time is 4 hours.

Sounds too goo to be true? See for yourself!

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2 wheel landing gear for easy transport

All PowerAttacks come with a 2 wheel landing gear for easy transport to the site. Simply fold the landing gear and attach it under the main tube while working. A magnet keeps the landing gear in place so the lever arm can do its work. 2 adapters allow you to hook it up to different skates.

Height adjustable load toe

Since telescoping the lever changes the height of your PowerAttack model, the load toe is adjustable to ascertain the most comfortable working height for the operator.

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